With more and more species of goats being sequenced, in order to better facilitate the usage of such up-to-date knowledge about the goat genome, we develop this Caprinae Genome Database (CGD) as a highly integrated information system for goat genome data storage, retrieval, visualization and analysis. The current version of CGD focuses on providing comprehensive genetic data of different species of goats, including Capra hircus, Ovis aries, Pseudois nayaur, Ovis ammon, Ovis orientalis, Capra ibex. This database aids analysis of genetics, genomics and breeding between closely related goats, as well as wider population genomics and evolutionary studies. CGD, together with its databank, search engine and genome oriented data, serves as both a comprehensive information resource and a comparative analysis workbench for genomic research of goats.

    Designed as a basic platform, CGD strives to provide a comprehensive knowledgebase about goats and present the goat genome and related information in systematic ways for the convenience of in-depth comparative studies.


    In this module, there are genomes data of 6 species of goats available for researches to download and deliver related genomic researches.

    In the page of ‘Overview’, basic information about the specific goat is provided, including genus, species, names, habitat, physical condition, food, life span, breeding and others.

    In the page of genome in different versions of distinct species of goat, there is source of sample, sequencing details, data statistics and link of download, by which users can have a general understanding of the genome of specific goat and get access to the genome directly.


    In this module, users can search genes in all species or any specific species of goats, by the searching keyword, to get the expected results in the genome-wide scale.


    In this module, there are 2 tools that are commonly used among genomic researchers—genome browser, blast .

    Genome browser is a graphical interface to display the whole genome of goats. This tool enables users to visualize and browse the entire genome with annotated data including gene prediction and structure, proteins, expression, regulation variation, comparative analysis, etc.

    Blast (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) finds regions of local similarity between sequences. This tool compares nucleotide or protein sequences to the goat genome database and calculates the statistical significance of matches.