Genomic, Genetic, and Breeding Resources for Caprinae

What is CGD?

    Caprinae Genome Database (CGD) is an Internet-based database of study and integration of goat genetic, genomic and breeding information. Up to now, CGD provides detailed information of several species of Caprinae, including Capra hircus, Ovis aries, Pseudois nayaur, Ovis ammon, Ovis orientalis, Capra ibex, covering various aspects—genome assembly, repetitive sequences, gene family, ontology, annotation, and RNASeq.

    Designed as a basic platform, CGD strives to provide a comprehensive knowledgebase about goats and present the goat genome and related information in systematic ways for the convenience of in-depth comparative studies.

How to use CGD?

    This database offers various genomic information to scientists to do genomics researches on goats, and will largely promote the researches on evolution and domestication of goats.

    One simple way for users to get access to data stored in the CGD is through the ‘Data’ module, where users can get an overview of the data content and data statistics. The provided hyperlinks facilitate users to download the data package directly. Researchers can download whole genome of several goats and/or available results of genomics analysis for further analysis.

    Outreach tools including genome browser, blast are provided in this database for investigators to do such works.

What is next?

    The Caprinae Genome Database intends to provide a continually updated, high quality source of goat genome studies, specifically tailor for Goats researchers, but using an approach that may be implemented for other general research communities. Sustaining efforts will be made for the improvement of database website construction, including improving user experiences. Besides the timely updated goat genome website, CGD will endeavor to offer improved precise computational predictions in genome-wide analysis. More genomic analysis of goat genomes will be done in order to gain insightful knowledge of goat genome and make it publicly available to goat genome researchers. We also intend to constantly incorporate genetic and genomic resources for more species of goats in CGD.

    As the development of the database continues in parallel with an increase in the number of goat genomes being sequenced, CGD aims to provide more genetic and genomics data as the first comprehensive goat genome database. In the near future, it will become possible for users to get access to all available genome data of various kinds of goats.